Disabled, pregnant and proud!

Disabled, pregnant and proud 🙂
Yup that’s me!

Was at antenatal clinic nearly 6 hours on Tuesday, most of time waiting to see anathetist and haematalogist.
Quite a lot of information given, in particular, my birthing plan is left open for now so no definate decisions made but I’ve been told I can’t have an epidural (due to all my spine problems and surgery I’ve had), spinal anathestic may be possible but very difficult, which means I might have to have a general anathestic with the c section (meaning I’ll be put to sleep). I would really rather avoid this as I want to be awake to see the birth of my first child and bond with him/her.
It’s still early though I’m only 14 weeks 5 days today. Got a way to go yet.

I got to Physio yesterday afternoon, although I was suffering badly with pain and weakness. She got me standing up with my crutches (which is a huge thing for me)
Today, I am much worse, the pain in my spine and joints is making me very irritible and upset, im squeling at times it’s so bad today 😦
On a positive note, midwife called to my house and I heard the baby’s heartbeat for the first time! Was so fab! And reassured me! Next time I get that chance I’m going to record it on my phone 🙂

Signing off for now, just typing this on my phone is difficult.

Happy birthday to zoe! I’ll see you soon as soon as I’m able to get out house.

Love you all,
Love me and peanut x x x x


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