14 weeks 2 days

Hello! I’m currently 14 weeks and 2 days pregnant. I’ve been finding it difficult with all the pregnancy symptoms, health conditions, and being ill (sinusitis which I’ve had for 4 weeks!).
I feel most people, family and friends don’t really understand that I was struggling with my health before I got pregnant, and the majority of the problems I’m having now is not because I’m pregnant (as people keep saying that’s pregnancy for you) but my health conditions that I suffered with before (that most took no notice of anyway). I had a lot of sickness, pain, reflux, migranes, etc before I was pregnant and now people have only just discovered I’m suffering these ‘due to pregnancy’. But no, for the record I was ill with all these problems before, not just now I’m pregnant.
I’m finding it a little different too, how not many really asked how I was getting on before I was pregnant, and now it’s ‘ how are you being pregnant’.
Is it coz pregnancy is natural and a lot of women experience it, where as my health problems not as much and they are afraid and possibly ignorant of them?
Maybe I should just be thankful for people even asking how I am now I’m pregnant 🙂

Phew! Where did all this come from?! Lol. Must have been at the back of my mind.

I have an anaesthtist and haematology appointment tomorrow at antenatal clinic. Probably to discuss my pain management, get bloods (as I’m so difficult rarely get from my arms of feet, so maybe neck or groin, which I hope not!), to discuss the daily injections that I may have to start giving myself.

Physio on Wednesday.
Midwife Thursday.
GP surgery Friday.

Signing off for now, am always thinking of my friends and family.
Don’t think anyone even reads this anyway lol.

Love me and peanut x x x x x


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