First antenatal high risk clinic

Been a busy bee this week so far, and I’m definately paying for it in debilating fatigue and pain!
Wrote quite a few letters to my friends and got them posted out.
Plus, yesterday I attended my first antenatal clinic appointment with the high risk team. It was a long wait! Was there over 3 hours! (this was at uhw then had my spine appointment at llandough hospital afterwards).
Had scan done yea πŸ™‚ had 5 piccys.
Saw my lil peanut heart beating. Peanut has doubled in size since last time, was 23.3mm at 9 weeks and now 46mm.
With the pregnancy team I’m also having to see the anaesthtist, haem, medics team as well as the consultant and midwife. Well, as long as they keep an eye on me and the lil one and make sure everything goes ok I’ll be happy with that.
Might have to start the anti clot clexane injections soon too, will have to learn to inject them myself on a daily basis.
Had to tell my spine team yesterday that I’ll have to postpone the operation for now, as obviously I’m pregnant πŸ™‚

That’s the update for now!

Will add my scan pics on here from yesterday.


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