Update! And happy birthday to chris!

Firstly, happy birthday to my boyfriend chris who is 26 today!
We are going out for a lovely meal.

Well, after spending 11 weeks in hospital I got home. A day later we moved to our new house. I hadn’t seen it, as I was in hospital and chris was choosing it. I was impressed with his choice! I’m loving our new place it’s so cool and bigger than the last.

I’m back in hospital again now. I’m at Rookwood which is a rehabilitation hospital. I’m on the spinal rehab ward. I’m hoping intense therapy, help and support I’ll be able to manage my sci (spinal cord injury).
Today is Friday, i went into Rookwood hospital last Tuesday. I’m aloud home on weekends which I’m really glad of because I miss my boyfriend and family so much! Not just that, I miss my own home environment and comfy bed.

I’ll update on how it’s going at Rookwood.

Oh and congratulations to paula (chris my boyfriend sister) on the birth of their fourth child, mckenzie born on the 16th august.

Bye for now!


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