The hospital window

Just a few ramblings from just looking out the hospital window.

Sitting at the window
Watching the world go by
Sun setting
Red, yellow, blue colours
The sound of cars, buses, motorcycles going by,
All going about their own business.
Being in here, in and out all the time,
Watching the world go by.
The light breeze
Upon my face
Gives a sense of freedom.
Being stuck in here, in bed,
Feeling sorry for myself.
Birds flying by,
Lights go on,
The end of another day.
Does anybody see me,
Just watching the world pass by.
In lots of pain and drugged up to the max,
In a strange way, feeling at one with the world,
Feeling the air, just watching and listening,
A moment of freedom.
Nurse arrived,
Back to reality,
What’s it to be more meds?
Back from watching,
My moment of feeling free,
Now over, more sleep time it shall be.

It’s so strange just watching the world go by,
From a to b, whatever they may be doing or going,
Listening and watching.
The sunset going from red, yellow to the dark blue of the night.
Just to have ten mins,
Feeling the breeze on my face,
To feel a glimpse of freedom,
Oh how I long for my health to improve, and experience the love and world all the time.
Being stuck in bed and hospital all the time, really puts you into a different world.
A smell of fresh cut grass in the wind, oh how much I want to be outside feeling the sun on my skin,
Making me feel real again.


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