Milk and treacle enema

Ok yes I know what a topic to talk about! Since my spinal injury I’ve had problems with my bladder and bowels. I take daily laxatives and use a peristeen which is a bowel cathater.
Well at the moment I’m back in hospital with fecal compaction. It’s now been 26 days without opening my bowels. Everything has been tried so far, all sorts of enemas including phosphate, all laxatives, still using peristeen, all herbal remedys, all sorts of fruit and spicy foods etc. Still, NO LUCK!
It’s a bit more complicated with people with spinal injuries as the nerves in the back are damaged that join up to the bowels and bladder.
I’m that full up that it’s stopping me wee so I’ve had a cathater in my bladder for 3 weeks so far. Not very comfortable at all!
Well, as for the topic, the colo rectal nurse has suggested an unlicensed method which is milk and treacle enema. I had this last Friday, unfortunately no luck. I’ve asked to try the milk and treacle again before attempting the phosphate enema again as it’s much gentler on the insides.
I want to avoid an operation as much as possible.
I just want this pooh out!!!


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