Bracelet making

As I spend a lot of time in bed and lying on the sofa due to pain and illness I thought I would start making my own bracelets. It’s something to do instead of the tv plus it’s not too much energy using. After a while of doing it I do get pains in my wrists arms and shoulders, when that happens I have to stop and rest. Although really I should pace myself better and stop before it gets to that stage!

I’ve bought beads from eBay and the what shop as they are much cheaper than buying at places like hobby craft.
I’ve run out of beads at the moment and waiting for a few to arrive in the post.
As I don’t have much money and struggle with paying rent and bills etc I’ve only managed to get relatively cheap and few beads in quantity. Next time I have some money I’m going to try get some more.
I’ve made them for myself and to give to friends. I’m considering putting some on eBay to see how they sell although I know eBay is very competitive in this kind of field.
I gave some to my brother for a fixed price so he could give a go at selling them.
If anyone who reads this blog and has interests in the same thing I’d like to know where you purchase your beads etc. And If you’ve had any luck selling them. Maybe I should make loads when I get the money and make a stall at a car boot sale.


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  1. laura says:

    definately would,i think the bracelets are fab and if you go down splott im sure you’ll sell loads of them-ur very talented x

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