First time blogging!

I’m ree….you probably know that already if your reading this.
A lot of people I know have created blogs and I’ve kept putting it off for several reasons, but now I’ve finally done it!
I’ll try my best to write in here, about anything and everything, whatever is going on in my life that I want to share my thoughts, emotions, discussions, etc.
Well that’s my first post for now. I wanted to leave with a quote I come across today on my iPhone app daily enlightenment quotes. I believe it to be true from a personal aspect too.

It is not the quantity of life but the quality. When you begin to realize you don’t have too much time to live, you focus on what is most important.

It’s very true. Since I’ve been faced with illness and also loss of life of family and friends, I’ve thought very deeply about life and how precious it is. I try my very best now to live the best I’m able to and I think this is a must. When I die I don’t want any regrets and want to say I’ve lived the best I can and enjoyed every minute of it, through the ups and downs, I’ve succeeded.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Rhys Gregory says:

    Welcome to blogging Rhian.. omg, I have only just realised that we have the same name? ‘Gregory’. Are you any relation to the ‘Gregory Family’ in Cardiff?


    Hope to read more of your posts soon.

    1. rhiangregory says:

      Yes indeed we are brother and sister

  2. carol says:

    Hi Rhian

    you sound wise but also very sad do you want to talk?

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