A list of ideas to deal with pain

Pain is 24/7. I have this every minute every hour every day every week. It’s terrible and most of the time difficult to deal with. I try not let it affect my life but it does.
I’ve made a few new friends recently who have M.E. and also on the pain discussion forum, who all suffer with pain too. I wanted to write a list of things that can aid pain relief and can also distract away from the pain if possible.
Here goes:

(1) pain meds – I take wear fentanyl patches, take oramorph and will be starting on pregablin soon (I’ve tested and tried a lot of pain med combinations in the last few years)

(2) ice packs

(3) heat packs

(4) TENS machine

(5) a few exercises/stretches (that I’ve been taught by Physio) – includes bringing knees to chest, bridging, pray position

(6) talking to a friend about anything, could discuss the pain (although sometimes focusing on pain can make it seem worse) or talk about everything other than pain, have a laugh, a moan, a cry.

(7) similar thing by text or email to a friend

(8) attempting to take mind off by trying to read

(9) listening to music

(10) singing to music

(11) writing a diary

(12) writing a blog

(13) drawing your pain on paper

(14) watching a DVD preferbly a comedy or uplifting one or anything that brings you pleasure by watching

(15) asking a friend to visit

(16) joining a forum to discuss anything, pain, life issues, etc. An excellent website for information and support is: http://www.painsupport.co.uk

(17) Have a cry and/or scream to release the tension caused by pain

(18) A relaxing soak in hot tub (I’m lucky as my parents have one)

Having a break for now, PACING is very important in pain management. Will continue this again. Feel free to add your on ideas! Share them!


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